Ignite the most powerful growth engine you have: Your people

Expertly curated library

From data analytics to sales negotiations and leadership to wellbeing - whatever matters to you our curated content will help to inspire, inform and improve knowledge and skills.

Relevant recommendations

Make use of our AI-driven recommendations, making it easy for your learners to find the best resources and pathways most relevant to them.

Social learning

Find what others are rating, what’s trending, and what your colleagues have benefitted from through social activity feeds, leaderboards and dashboards.

Sharing is caring

Add web content in seconds & create learning pathways in minutes. Then share them with individuals, teams or the whole organisation in a few clicks.

Powerful insights

Learning on its own doesn’t drive improvement, but enhanced skills do. Use our e-learner profiles to track individual progress and our powerful analytics to track the impact of learning on critical KPIs like engagement, retention and skills.

Individualized and specialist pathways

Build a library of your own content and set up virtual or classroom sessions into learning pathways. We’ve made it so easy to create and manage content you have curators from all over the business.

We do what we most enjoy

We’re not fans of all types of gamification, especially when it is imposed on you. So we give you the power to motivate your learners with your own budgets, badges, points and certificates.

Coach for success

Coaching can make a huge difference, but can be expensive and time intensive. This means not enough of it happens. Use our digital coaching tools to open up coaching to all and deliver it at scale.

Communicate your purpose

Leverage the power of clear direct communication with our engagement features. Use our social channels and communication tools to engage your staff with your vision and strategy.

On the pulse

Receive feedback, gather ideas and check your teams for happiness and alignment with polls & surveys. Benefits from insights so you can proactively support your people when they need you.

Empowering performance

Our 1-2-1 tool allows you to easily schedule and manage personal & performance related conversations. Understand whether your learning and engagement strategies have had the outcome you hoped through skill and competency tracking.

Praise progress

Recognition and reward are crucial parts of encouraging continual growth. Use our praise and shouts outs to have transparent and company wide acknowledgements that motivate and inspire.

Virtuous circle

Using the assessment and performance tools you can clearly see the skills gaps in your organisation. Then rely on Intelligent AI driven recommendations from our library and yours to stimulate skills development and career progression. Learning, into performance, back into learning.

Take control of company objectives

Set company OKR’s and assign them through every level of your business. Our traffic lights system and regular reminders for self assessment of OKR’s allow you to truly track how likely you will hit your crucial results.

Map the future

There is nothing more motivating than having a clear pathway to success laid out in front of you. Map your career progression levels and competency framework into development pathways and watch as your talent takes off!