Induction and onboarding

Welcome, develop and retain new hires effectively

Laptop induction
Laptop induction

Take new hires on a journey

Map out an induction or onboarding day by day, introducing them to your culture, people and practices. Easily duplicate and automate journeys to use again and again.

  • Deliver key messages before day 1 with pre-induction
  • Map out meetings and critical content for induction
  • Extend onboarding by sequencing journeys
  • Add re-usable content and duplicate pathways
Laptop induction

Engage new hires in your culture

Create an engaging digital company space for new hires.

  • Embed new hires into your brand
  • Intuitive and engaging experience for new joiners
  • Personalise for each user
Company space

Track & report

Get updates on progress and pull up reports

  • Get notified when your learners complete content
  • Create and save custom reports
  • Share and email reports to management
  • Get trends and insights on your learners’ activity


Mike Hennig

"Using Learn Amp for onboarding allowed us to set up our tried-and-tested journey quickly and easily. The ability to tweak and re-use this journey in seconds has saved us a crazy amount of time"

Mike Hennig, Managing Director, Ovation Incentives

Onboarding ebook

Onboarding Best Practice

It takes on average 8-12 months for a new hire to get up to peak productivity, can you afford to wait that long?

Find out how to:

  • Get new hires to peak productivity quicker
  • Make onboarding the right length for maximum impact
  • Use systems to help you automate onboarding
  • Measure the effectiveness of onboarding

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