Induction and onboarding

Welcome, develop and retain new hires effectively

Laptop induction
Laptop induction

Take new hires on a journey

Map out an induction or onboarding day by day, introducing them to your culture, people and practices. Easily duplicate and automate journeys to use again and again.

  • Deliver key messages before day 1 with pre-induction
  • Map out meetings and critical content for induction
  • Extend onboarding by sequencing journeys
  • Add re-usable content and duplicate pathways
Laptop induction

Engage new hires in your culture

Create an engaging digital company space for new hires.

  • Embed new hires into your brand
  • Intuitive and engaging experience for new joiners
  • Personalise for each user
Company space

Track & report

Get updates on progress and pull up reports

  • Get notified when your learners complete content
  • Create and save custom reports
  • Share and email reports to management
  • Get trends and insights on your learners’ activity


Mike Hennig

"Using Learn Amp for onboarding allowed us to set up our tried-and-tested journey quickly and easily. The ability to tweak and re-use this journey in seconds has saved us a crazy amount of time"

Mike Hennig, Managing Director, Ovation Incentives

White paper

Designing the ultimate onboarding process

Learn why induction and onboarding are critical to your companies success. Learn our top tips for designing the ultimate onboarding process, including:

  • Why the first 48 hours are critical to an employees success
  • How to retain your key members of staff
  • Get your employees up to speed twice as fast

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