Self-driven development

93% of Millnennials expect lifelong learning in their career. Give them access to a wealth of learning and give them the freedom to learn what they need for their progression.

User-generated content
Let users create their own content using our tools, pull in content from the web and shape learning modules. To share with other users approval is required to ensure quality and accuracy.
Personalised content recommendations
Personalised content recommendations
Select your favourite topics and we’ll do the rest. Delivering daily recommendations of the very best learning from Ted Talks to Blogs and Podcasts. Favourite what you like to come back to later and search our library of over 10,000 items
Map and track capability and competence
Set out a development pathways for your learners to follow and associate them with CPD points. Let them pick how they achieve their targets and track their progress as they build up their specialisms.
Assign learning budgets
Assign learning budgets
Encourage learners by assigning a budget to request approval for paid for items they think will benefit their development. Set budgets at the company, team and individual levels based on what works for you