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Next 15: Balancing cohesion with hyper-individualisation

How Next 15 built an L&D strategy to facilitate the learning and development of learners under multiple brands around the world.

65 %

decrease in average delivery time for training programs

554 %

ROI within first 2 years

70 %

learning engagement across all brands

The Context

Next 15 Group, a rapidly expanding growth consultancy, manages a diverse landscape of over 20 brands and 42 offices across 14 countries.

Their decentralised structure posed a unique challenge: how to maintain a cohesive culture while preserving the individuality and autonomy of each brand.

With a high rate of mergers and acquisitions and varying learning appetites, the need for a hyper-individualised learning approach became evident.  

For the Group as a whole, the Learn Amp platform has enabled a cohesive learning culture and a sense of belonging across the various brands within the Group. It has streamlined our processes, so that our L&D team can be more agile and efficient and deliver the best learning experience to all our employees across the board.”

Kyla Britton
Senior Learning & Development Manager, Next 15​ 

The Challenge

Rapid expansion and diverse requirements

Next 15 identified several challenges:  

  • Need for swift onboarding of newly-acquired brands in a fast-growing organisation. 
  • Limited accessibility to universal Learning & Development resources across 22 global brands.  
  • Varied learning appetites and cultures among brands.  
  • Fewer opportunities for social learning, operating in a billable hours culture.  
  • Preserving autonomy and individual identity of each brand, as a core value and differentiator for Next15 – which an entirely centralised People and L&D strategy would risk losing. 


Revamping the strategy  

Previously, learning was conducted via face-to-face workshops at central locations. This led to high financial and time investments for teams distant from these hubs. Alongside this, each brand had their own learning tools and content, meaning the learning experience varied significantly from brand to brand, making reporting difficult.  

There was a clear need for a learning strategy focused on:  

  • Empowering on-the-job and self-directed learning.  
  • Swiftly identifying competency gaps and adapting learning resources.  
  • Reducing the time to competency and diversifying learning delivery channels.  
  • Reporting across all brands to measure learning impact.

The Solution

In 2021, Next 15 partnered with Learn Amp to establish Next 15 Academy, a people development hub offering technical, managerial and soft-skill development, both within brands and the wider Group. Brands could customise and manage their own learning spaces, with Next 15 as support. 


Parent/Child Architecture  

Learn Amp’s unique Parent/Child architecture meant Next 15 could create an overarching Parent library account. Individual brands sat within this umbrella, providing access to shared resources and enabling centralised reporting. This architecture also informed strategies to boost engagement and allowed Next 15 to conduct workshops, facilitate live discussions, and connect brands to learn from one another's successes.  


Tailoring the Learning Environment  

Learn Amp's customisable branding options were used to give each brand a unique learning platform, fostering a personalised learning experience. Content was structured into learnlists and channels to create learning journeys and specialist training programmes, facilitating upskilling. The incorporation of social tools like Q&A, communities and surveys, ensured a balanced approach between company-led initiatives and leveraging the learner voice to shape the learning strategy.  


Measurable Learning Experience and User-Friendly Interface  

Learn Amp provided tangible measurements of learner experience through engagement surveys, appraisals, and robust reporting. The platform’s user-friendly, intuitive interface made learning and development easily accessible and engaging for all learners.  

Learn Amp's implementation has been essential in achieving our goals. With parent/child architecture, integrated data, and social tools, we've not only personalised learning experiences for different brands but also facilitated efficient management of key programmes."

Kyla Britton
Senior Learning & Development Manager, Next15

The Result

A unique implementation delivering ROI

Learn Amp helped Next 15 efficiently manage the learning needs of 22 brands, saving administration time and increasing learning engagement. 

  • Achieved an average of 70% engagement across the entire portfolio based on learning activity, not just sign-ins, with a 16% increase within the last year alone (from 2022 to 2023)
  • An increase to 77% retention rate of employees since launch
  • Facilitated speedy onboarding of new employees and fast integration of acquired businesses, such as a single brand onboarding 600 employees 
  • Achieved an impressive 554% ROI in savings related to system consolidation, reduction in costs (travel and administration), and team efficiencies
  • Reduced the average delivery time of learning programs per cohort from 42 hours to 15 hours, enabling the enrolment of 50% more delegates
  • Increased eNPS by 39 across the portfolio since launch

The collaboration with Learn Amp enabled Next 15 to transition into a more tailored, decentralised, yet unified, learning approach across its diverse network of brands. 

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