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Future proof your needs with Learn Amp's set of solutions. We provide simple and fair packaging that scales with you.

Start with Learn and build your bespoke People Development Hub with our additional modules - Connect and Develop - and other optional extras.

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Learn Amp is one vendor who has done the impossible and created a system with unique capabilities.

Craig Weiss
Global Industry Analyst and CEO FindAnLMS.com

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What is Learn Amp's People Development Hub?

A single platform solution for all of your talent development needs.

Combining the best elements of Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Experience Platforms (LXP), Skills Development and Performance Management tools into one easy-to-use, consumer-grade platform.

Do I have to purchase the whole Hub, or can I purchase single modules?

All you need to start working with Learn Amp is Learn!

Connect, Develop and other optional extras can be purchased and implemented as and when you're ready.

Does Learn Amp include learning content?


Wrapped-into Learn is access to...

  • 5000 open source resources
  • 100s of microlearning courses from Mi-Crow
  • 1 free license, in your first year, to Knowbly, an authoring tool by Echo360

We also resell and integrate with other libraries.

Can Learn Amp replace my LMS?


Learn Amp replaces traditional LMSs like Docebo, Cornerstone, SAP Litmos and Learning Pool.

Our People Development Hub combines all of the centralised tools of the LMS with collaborative learning, skills development and performance management in a consumer-grade all-in-one platform.

We already have a skills management platform, can it integrate with Learn Amp?

We're working on new API end points for Skills that will enable the synchronisation of talent data between systems. Talk to sales to find out more.

We already have a performance management platform, can it integrate with Learn Amp?

We're working on new API end points for OKRs that will enable the synchronisation of talent data between systems. Talk to sales to find out more.

How does Learn Amp compare against..?

We don't blame you for asking!

It's a busy marketplace of HRTech tools so we've put together helpful side-by-side comparisons for you here.

What kind of companies use Learn Amp?

Learn Amp works best for companies who...

  • Have 500 to 10,000 employees
  • Operate in English language; though Learn Amp is available in other languages, our implementation, success and support services are all in English.
  • Are made up of a highly tech-enabled dispersed workforce, or a deskless workforce. We help you decentralise, democratise and personalise L&D without​ losing control​.
  • Care about employee retention and are future-focussed with their L&D strategy.

What kinds of companies aren't ideal for Learn Amp?

  • K-12 and higher education / student audiences
  • Fewer than 250 employees
  • Seeking a simple LMS solution for top-down learning delivery and compliance training tracking

How does Learn Amp's license model work?

We strive to offer simple, transparent pricing that scales with you.
  • We charged based on the number of Activated Users, and work in banded pricing (500, 1000, 2000 users, etc.)
  • An Activated User is someone who has accepted their invitation to join the platform. We don’t count deactivated users.​
  • You select your User Band up front for the subscription year.​
  • Once you exceed the number of licenses in the User Band, you'll be charged the cost of the next band pro rata until the end of that subscription year.​
  • At the commencement of the next subscription year, we would then charge a full 12 months at the new User Band.

Do we offer discounts for charities and non profits?


As a B Corp we are passionate about transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities, and the planet.

We extend discounts to charities and non profit organisations. Speak to sales for more details.

What are the key dates for a Learn Amp implementation?

  • Effective Date: The date our signed agreement comes into effect. All first-year fees will be invoiced for and due within N30 days.​
  • Readiness phase: The time between Effective Date and Implementation Start Date. We give you access to your own complimentary Training & Testing platform account complete with readiness materials and exercises to best prepare for kick off.​
  • Implementation Start Date: Kick off for the project and when we start using your implementation support hours. We have a project kick off call and a technical kick off call.​
  • Go Live Date: The date your licences activate. Will act as your renewal date moving forward.​
  • Implementation End Date: usually 2-weeks post launch, when your implementation support hours must be used by.

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