Deliver effective compliance training

Seamlessly automate all of your training, and easily demonstrate compliance with real-time reports and visual dashboards. Move from a "tick box culture" to a true risk-aware workforce with engaging and ongoing training.

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Risk & compliance management

Keep your employees up to speed with the latest risks with highly rated compliance training. Automate the issuing and escalating of compliance and pull the detailed reports you need for audit, in minutes.
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Safe & secure controls

Safe and secure controls

Trusted by banks and cyber security firms, we've got everything you need to stay safe & secure. Keep your details safe with Single Sign On (SSO), lockout options and much more. Use audit logs to keep track of any critical updates.

Track and report

Get actionable insights on how your learners are learning, including what, when and how. Use advanced drill-down reporting to get the data you need to drive completion of key content such as compliance training.
Track & report

Compliance: Futureproof your business

With increasing risks and regulation, the average company is now spending over $160,000 per thousand employees on compliance training.

This guide shows how you can switch up your approach to compliance training, empowering your employees, and building a risk-aware culture.


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