Make knowledge management your competitive advantage

Add and issue content in minutes to deliver knowledge to people as they need it.

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Share knowledge

Share knowledge in a click

Add content in seconds and map into clear pathways in minutes. Share content with others with the click of a button and reinforce knowledge with our assessments. In-built search allows learners to find what they need at the point of need.


Guided learning pathways

Manage your key learning journeys in one place. Set up pathways for onboarding, manager training, role-based training and more. Our tools allow you to sequence pathways based on the learners level and track completion quickly and easily.
Guided Learning Pathways
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Knowledge Management: How to unlock a competitive advantage

Knowledge management is one of the top three issues influencing company success, yet fewer than 10% of today’s organisations feel they are addressing it effectively

Learn how to put the right processes in place to make Knowledge Management a competitive advantage.

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Manage cohorts

Map clear pathways for your employees. Deliver sequences of events and content that get them up to speed and upskilled. Track your cohorts as they make progress with our advanced reporting and insights.

Track and report

Get actionable insights on how your learners are learning, including what, when and how. Use advanced drill-down reporting to get the data you need to drive completion of key content such as compliance training.
Track & report


How modern businesses have successfully managed their knowledge using Learn Amp

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We love being able to memorialize and scale our custom content so that future new hires can see the information on-demand. It has made knowledge sharing across the business much more efficient, and has allowed us to retain knowledge in the business. Now we see consistently high engagement with content.

Megan Galloway, nbkc

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We can now deliver training consistently to all of our staff across all of our locations with Learn Amp, and employees have access to their training at the time and point of need. This has enabled learning to happen on-the-job, while also making huge time and cost savings for the business.

Chris Dwyer, Learning Systems Manager, Specsavers

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As a result of introducing Learn Amp, we’re now able to embed evidence-based learning techniques in our learning design and delivery, to get better learning outcomes (for example, repetition, interleaving, testing and assessment).

Tanya Day, Head of OD & Resourcing, Nous Group

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