Align your learners goals with those of the company with 1-to-1s

Weekly check-in
Set up performance
Link to Learning
Use weekly check-ins and 1-to-1s

Get insights weekly with digital check-ins (don't wait until it's too late!). Discuss outcomes with regular 1-to-1s

Set up performance reviews on a cycle

Automate the assignment of 1-to-1s by tying into your key business cycles. Reminders and nudges make sure 1-to-1s get completed.

Link to learning

Attribute performance improvements to learning and drive further action by assigning new content to learn and skills to develop.

Flexible roles and permissions

Flexible permissions

We know how important data is to you. Set smart defaults and per user permissions to ensure that only those who need to see performance data, can.

HR Role

The HR role allows you to quickly give all the permissions you need in one go. Give oversight of performance data as well as the ability to report and set tasks.


Compliance and engagement are critical. Set up escalations to increasingly alert those who can drive completion.

Secure controls

Visibility controls for performance data

HR Role

Give HR oversight of performance

Set Escalations

Increasingly important notifications

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