Drive skills development and performance improvement

Tie learning, development and performance improvement together, effectively.

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Guided learning pathways

Manage your key learning journeys in one place. Set up pathways for onboarding, manager training, role-based training and more. Our tools allow you to sequence pathways based on the learners level and track completion quickly and easily.
Guided Learning Pathways
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Aligning on the same path

Align employees with the business. Use our surveying and 1-to-1 tools to have regular check-ins on employee’s happiness, wellness and alignment in their role.

Guide to designing an employee development program that drives performance

Performance improvement is the output of learning and development – but for many businesses, performance management and employee development are treated as unrelated entities.

In this guide, discover how to tie L&D to employee and company performance effectively.


Compelling coaching and training

Provide compelling coaching programs, from high quality content to delivering webinars. Add discussion and Q&A around content to guide your learners through and have them message coaches direct for support.
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Skills development

Upskill your learners by giving them access to great content and tracking their progress. Track how skills are evolving across your business with various different insight reports helping you to identify skills strengths and gaps.

Decentralised Learning and Development: The secret to empowered and engaged employees

Today's businesses need to adopt a decentralised L&D methodology to keep pace with the rate of change.

Learn how to build a decentralised L&D offering that promotes learner engagement without sacrificing organisational alignment.


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