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Temple & Webster's Branding
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86 %

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85 %

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The Context

Discover how Temple & Webster, a leading Australian online retailer, enhanced their internal training and development initiatives through Learn Amp's branding features. Through the customisation of their platform, LOLA (Learn Online Learn Anytime), Temple & Webster crafted a visually captivating learning environment that aligned with their brand identity. This initiative led to increased engagement, enhanced capabilities, and a thriving learning culture within the organisation.

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The Challenge

Temple & Webster faced the challenge of developing a learning environment that reflected their brand ethos while catering to the diverse needs of their employees. Their goals were to boost engagement, ensure consistent platform usage, and enhance the overall learning experience.

The Solution

Learn Amp's branding options empowered Temple & Webster to customise LOLA according to their brand guidelines, creating a seamless integration with their existing aesthetic. Key elements of the solution included branded interfaces, onboarding pathways, learning hubs, and offline learning events, all designed to enhance engagement and relevance for employees.

1. Branded Interface

The LOLA platform was designed to resemble the look and feel of Temple & Webster's website and marketing materials. This included the use of brand colors, logos, and fonts, ensuring that employees felt a sense of familiarity and connection from the moment they logged in.

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2. Branded Onboarding Pathway

Utilising Learn Amp's robust features, Temple & Webster created a customised onboarding pathway for new hires. This pathway guides them through core training and onboarding activities within their initial three months, aligning with the company's brand, values, and goals to enhance relevance and impact.

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3. Branded Learning Hubs

Temple & Webster curated core content into interactive Learning Hubs, covering various topics such as mental health & wellbeing and DEI events. Each learning hub maintains the high aesthetic standards of Temple & Webster, ensuring continuous employee engagement throughout their learning journey.

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4. Branded Learning Events

Learn Amp's features are used to brand and promote offline learning events, including peer-facilitated career stories and lunch-and-learns, enhancing engagement further.

The impact

The implementation of Learn Amp's branding options resulted in significant improvements in Temple & Webster's learning and development initiatives:

  • Increased adoption rate: 86% adoption rate within the first two weeks of launch
  • Enhanced Onboarding Experience: New starters rate the onboarding program delivered through LOLA highly, with an average score of 4.8/5
  • Positive Engagement Trends: Over consecutive years, engagement survey scores regarding learning and development have continued to increase to 85% indicating heightened motivation and empowerment among employees.


Temple & Webster's strategic use of Learn Amp's branding options transformed their learning culture, driving higher engagement and satisfaction among employees. This case study showcases the impact of personalised and branded learning experiences in fostering organisational success.

For us it is important to deliver the same exceptional brand experience to our team that we deliver to our customers. The transformation of LOLA using Learn Amp's branding features has made a significant impact. Our brand essence shines through in our learning culture. This upgrade has been instrumental in driving our team's engagement and development.

Samantha Mueller,
Head of Learning & Capability at Temple & Webster

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