Learning, supercharged with AI

AI helps you administrate and find learning more efficiently, so you can focus on doing the things you love

AI content create

Create engaging content at the click of a button

Your writing co-pilot. The content creator AI tool can help you to create engaging learning content in just 10 minutes. Our various tools help you to generate ideas, create an engaging title and write the content ready for you to edit. 

Your personal AI editor

Once you've created content, it's rare you'll nail it in the first draft.

The in-built AI editor allows you to select specific text and rephrase, summarise or expand at a click. Change the tone to match your needs whether you want to be more conversational, witty or professional.


AI content-change tone

Pin-point accurate search results so you can learn in the flow of work 

Our AI provides matches for your search results that are optimised for quality, availability and relevance.

We search across Items, Learnlists, Channels, People, Categories and more to deliver you the result you need to learn at just the right time.


Hyper-personalised content recommendations

Get personalised recommendations based on the topics and skills you're interested in. Channels highlight personalised content recommendations in each topic.

AI analyses trending and new content to highlight content your learners may not have thought about to keep them discovering and learning.




Help your learners access experts, automatically

For your learners to best develop their skills, they need to be connected with those in your business with expertise.

Our AI recommendations provide them the best experts and events to help them to up-skill and re-skill. 

Save time and improve learner outcomes with automatic skills tagging

Set up your skills taxonomy and leave the rest to our AI-powered engine.

Add your content and the system will recommend skills tags for you to add. You still have ultimate control and can add, edit or remove tags as you see fit.

Get from adding content to connecting it to your learners, faster than ever.

skills tag-1

Collaborate and share knowledge with AI cohorts

Increase your learners engagement by carefully curating them into cohorts.

Set up the rules you need and let our system automatically add users to cohorts for you.

Sequence learning pathways based on completing key content to give your learners a seamless, personalised experience.

Invite cohorts into communities to discuss and share ideas and collaborate around key projects.

Piece of mind with AI-powered compliance automation

Ensure compliance training is assigned to the right people at the right time. 

Automated AI rules assign compliance training to users based on any criteria you specify. Automated cycles mean you can set and forget with the confidence that your learners will receive reminders and chasers.

Ensure you mitigate the damage of those who go overdue with automated escalation policies to their manager and other key stakeholders.

Automate the assignment of follow up training and assessments to ensure they are fully compliant and up to date.

Compliance automation-1

Want to see what's on our AI roadmap?

Check out our exciting updates coming soon to supercharge your admin experience

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How modern businesses have successfully managed their knowledge using Learn Amp

Group 1364

We love being able to memorialize and scale our custom content so that future new hires can see the information on-demand. It has made knowledge sharing across the business much more efficient, and has allowed us to retain knowledge in the business. Now we see consistently high engagement with content.

Megan Galloway, nbkc

Group 1365

We can now deliver training consistently to all of our staff across all of our locations with Learn Amp, and employees have access to their training at the time and point of need. This has enabled learning to happen on-the-job, while also making huge time and cost savings for the business.

Chris Dwyer, Learning Systems Manager, Specsavers

Group 1363

As a result of introducing Learn Amp, we’re now able to embed evidence-based learning techniques in our learning design and delivery, to get better learning outcomes (for example, repetition, interleaving, testing and assessment).

Tanya Day, Head of OD & Resourcing, Nous Group