Drive impact with actionable insights

Transforming data into insight reports to empower your decisions.

Get insights in a click

100s of templated reports out of the box. Get insights at the click of a button so that you can focus on turning those insights into action. Reports cover compliance, learning journeys, skills development, engagement with communities, performance outcomes and more.

Report templates
Custom report

Test your ideas with custom reports

Got a theory on which content is landing best with your users? Want to know what drives skills development? Use our custom report builder to correlate data to understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Communicate your results clearly

Visualise data however you wish, from bar charts to spidergraphs. Get reports out as PDFs to easily share with others and communicate the impact you're having, or want to have.

Keep insights front-of-mind with dashboards

Add your reports to dashboards so that insights remain front of mind. Track your progress to see the impact of interventions and decide your next actions.

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