Fully searchable, social profiles. Connect with and share insights and knowledge across the business

Engaging social profiles
Find experts within your organisation
Send Messages
Engaging social profiles

Profiles showcase your learners expertise and interests. Find out about the content they love, posts they’ve made and send them messages.

Find experts within your organisation

Our quick-search allows your find experts wherever you are. Use our member directory to filter and find learners who match your needs. See similar experts based on profile attributes.

Share expert insights

Work faster and better together. Send messages to individuals or groups to get your questions answered. Share files and link to great content.

Create dynamic groups to assign content

Combine user attributes

Set up groups based on combined attributes to hone down assignment


As users complete content have them automatically drop into groups.


Take users from beginner to expert, seamlessly. Use attributes and dynamic groups to sequence content.

Combine user attributes

Locations, Languages, Roles...

Dynamic groups

Based on completion of content

Sequence learning

Combine logic to discover

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