A system your contractors will love

A learning system that considers the needs of Contractor Training. Add and issue content in minutes. Safe and secure so that you can focus on what you do best.

Multi-account controls

Keep your contractors clearly separated from your main account. Set up multiple accounts with different branding. Manage content centrally and distribute easily to child accounts.
Multi-account Controls
Remote Training-1

Remote training

Provide training for your remote or hybrid staff easily and effectively. Take them through pathways of learning and add touchpoints where they can interact with others such as events, check-in surveys and messaging to keep the content engaging.

Manage cohorts

Map clear pathways for your employees. Deliver sequences of events and content that get them up to speed and upskilled. Track your cohorts as they make progress with our advanced reporting and insights.
Manage Cohorts-2

Held to the highest standards

Data security is our highest priority. Bi-annual PEN tests and annual SOC II and Cyber Essentials audits help us to stay safe and secure. We're GDPR compliant and a BCorp too!

Credential badges