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Laura Lee-Gibbs


"a mid-market “Swiss Army knife” of a platform"


  • "elegantly solves a multitude of problems for employee-focused organisations and supports individuals to learn in the context of their career"
  • "highly configurable and easy to administrate"
  • "a future-proof employee engagement and learning platform that can scale up with you as your people and organisation grow"

Craig Weiss


"The best system for mid-market"


  • "UI / UX is very agile and modern"
  • "Functionality within the learning environment and administration side is top notch"
  • "Learn Amp scores higher than the majority of other vendors for skills"
  • "When they say it's on their roadmap, they actually deliver"

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David Patterson


"Truly a super learning platform!"


  • "Incorporates the best of many LMS, LXP and social learning systems you’ll find on the market"
  • "I’m a fan of simplicity and ease of use, and Learn Amp does not sacrifice this for its many features"
  • "Learn Amp have really thought about how their platform can assist in changing how an organisation learns and performs."

John Leh

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"Learn Amp has done a great job of assembling key parts of the ecosystem with LXP, LMS, Social features and Performance"


  • "A thoughtfully designed solution for both internal and extended enterprise"
  • "Make it possible for organisations to engage multiple audiences through learning journeys"
  • "It excels with its ability to delegate administration"
  • "Learn has both push and pull aspects of learning - push, compliance and organisational training and pull, intuitive ways learners can bring content in themselves."
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G2 Crowd


5-star rated and 9.8 ratings across multiple categories


Customer comments:

  • "We’ve doubled knowledge retention from our onboarding program!"
  • "Huge positive impact on time-saving efficiencies and engagement"
  • "Essential for new people in the company. Very interactive and intuitive."