About Us

“For the past 15 years, as founder of The Supper Club, I’ve had the good fortune to listen to and learn from the founders and CEOs of over 1000 of the most successful scale-up businesses. I have no doubt that, like innovation generally, the most effective people-related practices originate in companies like these.
Learn Amp is the product of over five years’ work distilling all the wisdom, the lessons and the solutions of these amazing businesses into a platform that makes it easier to engage and equip your people with learning they need.
Our own team at Learn Amp is a well-placed blend of independent experts (in running businesses, in learning & development and in tech) who’ve brought together years of insight in SME and large company culture to build a new approach to learning.
Traditional learning and development solutions are just not fit for purpose, so we started from scratch rather than iterate from an inadequate pool of existing ideas. That’s why we claim that Learn Amp is ‘Learning re-invented!’
I hope you’ll reach out to us and judge for yourself. We’d love to support your team’s journey.”
Duncan Cheatle
Founder & CEO, Learn Amp

Our Philosophy

Fundamental to how we work is what we believe about how people learn and engage with work. That’s why our mission is to ‘make work life work better’.

We believe that...

  1. Business performance can be improved by managing against OKRs and KPIs, but fundamentally, success is driven by three things:
    1. The ability to attract the very best talent
    2. The ability to hold on to them for as long as possible
    3. The ability to optimise their capability whilst they are with us
    It’s a simple idea to grasp, hard to deliver in practice
  2. People are attracted to work where they find purpose in what they do, where they buy into the vision and they share the same values. If a company can communicate and deliver on these clearly and consistently, it will attract and retain the very best talent.
  3. Work and life should be engaging and full of opportunities for self-development. Great people deliver better results if they continue to learn and develop. Making this easy has to be at the heart of any successful business.
  4. Learning should be intuitive and engaging right out of the box. Workplace learning applications should be as well designed and as familiar to people as the applications they use in their home life. Applications should not need an instruction manual!
  5. Learning should take place at the time of need, not when it’s been scheduled. To be effective, learning must be driven by the learner. Insight or improvement delivered at the wrong time is time and money wasted.
  6. Learning should be specific to the current need and not diluted by irrelevant activities. Learning should be designed for the learner not the trainer. People respond and retain better when learning has direct context to a current need.
  7. Learning should be delivered through the most appropriate medium. Some learning is best delivered in short bursts online, when time permits, maybe through a smartphone on a bus. Other learning is better delivered face to face, in teams. The medium should match the moment.
  8. Everyone is able and should be encouraged to contribute to the learning ecosystem. Managers should inspire and facilitate rather than dictate. If we’ve attracted the best talent we should enable and expect all of them to contribute insight and content they discover.
  9. Learning should be learner-led and life-long. We live in an ever evolving world where many of the jobs of tomorrow and the companies of the future are yet to arrive. We should instil a love for learning in all of our people that continues when they move on.