Equality and Diversity Policy

Rise To Ltd (Trading as Learn Amp)


In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is essential to select the very best employees from a wide and varied choice of applicants, to employ a range of people with skills that complement each other’s and to create a working atmosphere in which everyone can give their best.

Learn Amp therefore aims to create the environment in which every applicant and employee is assessed for employment, promotion and development solely on the basis of merit. We will not tolerate unfair treatment, unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying.

It is unacceptable for any applicant, employee, customer or supplier to be unlawfully discriminated against, either directly or indirectly. Personal factors, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnic origins, nationality, colour, disability, religion, background or beliefs, marital status, part time status, sexual orientation or age, provide no basis for less favourable treatment of others.

We want to know if our policy is not working in practice, and we shall always treat matters reported to us seriously. We shall from time to time review our overall performance and progress against this statement.


Diversity Statement

Learn Amp operates in an increasingly competitive business environment where the highest standards of cost-effective customer service are essential. We live, too, in an increasingly diverse community, not just of work colleagues but of customers and suppliers.

We believe that the performance of our employees is central to business success and we are committed to creating a working environment in which each employee is able to maximise their contribution to the business. We recognise and value the creative potential that individuals of different backgrounds and abilities bring to their work.

Our employment policies and practices will reflect a culture in which decisions about recruitment, development and promotion are made solely on the basis of individual capability and potential in relation to the needs of the business. Individuals will be fully trained to perform their immediate job and have opportunities to develop further, based on their abilities.

Learn Amp is committed to ensuring that it recognises and responds to the needs of its customers, employees and to the environment in which it operates. Managers are responsible for ensuring that all diversity policies are actively implemented and that everyone is aware of their personal responsibility to each other and to Learn Amp’s customers.
Equality and Diversity

At Learn Amp we intend to be a leading employer in equality and diversity and for all our employees to view us as an employer of choice. We aim to do this through recognising the value of the contribution that each individual brings to our work environment, and promoting equality of opportunity in employment.

In an increasingly competitive environment it is essential for us to recognise the importance of operating as an inclusive organisation, through embracing diversity in our workforce and selecting the very best employees from a wide and varied choice of applicants.

We aim to reflect the community in which we operate, recognising and responding to the individual needs of our employees, customers, shareholders and the community, through a diverse workforce.

This policy describes how equality of opportunity and diversity is applied in the way we operate at Learn Amp and recognises our legal obligations to our employees and job applicants.



All employees who are employed by Learn Amp and job applicants.


Policy Statement

At Learn Amp we are committed to providing equality of opportunity for all employees and job applicants, in an environment where all our employment practices are applied in a non-discriminatory way and all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

We seek to create a working environment in which each of our employees is able to maximise their potential, so that employees from all groups in the community are attracted, developed and retained.

There is a consistent and fair treatment of employees and job applicants, which will not be influenced by personal factors, including but not limited to gender, race, ethnic origins, nationality, colour, disability, religion, background or beliefs, marital status, part time, sexual orientation or age.

We will not accept any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment towards our employees, job applicants, customers or suppliers

The effectiveness of our Equality and Diversity Policy will be monitored and evaluated on a regular basis.


Policy Provisions

We are committed to a positive policy of promoting equality of opportunity and eliminating any unfair or unlawful discrimination. This applies to all employment policies and practices including those relating to:
  • recruitment and selection;
  • terms and conditions of employment;
  • working environment;
  • training and development;
  • promotion and career progression;
  • redundancy and re-deployment
Our employees will be made aware of the Equality and Diversity policy during their employment, in appropriate ways, including but not limited to:
  • recruitment practices and application forms;
  • induction;
  • training and development programmes;
  • employee communications material.

We are committed to ensuring equality and diversity in the workplace and want to ensure this policy is applied in all areas of our business. This policy is supported by appropriate harassment, disciplinary and grievance procedures.



At Learn Amp there should be no discrimination on account of race, colour, religion, background or beliefs, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, disability, nationality or marital, fixed term or part-time status or which cannot be justified on operational grounds and which is contrary to national or local legislation that applies to your employment.

Our employees will be appointed, trained, developed, rewarded and promoted on the basis of merit and capability.
Our employees are responsible for the practical application of the Equality and Diversity Principles, which extends to the treatment of job applicants, employees, customers, contractors and visitors.

Special responsibility for the practical application of our approach to Equality and Diversity falls upon our line managers involved in day-to-day supervision and management of employees and of recruitment, selection, promotion, and training of employees.

Within our businesses there are procedures available to any employee who believes that he or she may have been unfairly discriminated against. Our employees will not be victimised in any way for making such a complaint in good faith. We will deal with complaints seriously, in confidence and as soon as possible.

Disciplinary action will be taken against any employee who is found to have committed an act of unlawful discrimination. Serious breaches of these principles will be treated as gross misconduct. [Allegations of discrimination which are not made in good faith will also be as a disciplinary matter.] Confidential records of ongoing matters dealt with in accordance with this policy will be kept.



All our employees should understand that this policy applies in all dealings with other employees, customers, agency personnel, suppliers and visitors. Our employees have a PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to advise their Line Managers or to follow the grievance procedures if there is a belief that any discrimination has occurred. Any act by an employee to encourage a colleague to discriminate against another either in language or behaviour may be deemed to be an act of inciting another to discriminate or aiding and abetting that act of discrimination and we will take this very seriously.

Our Managers have A PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for ensuring that this policy is communicated, understood and applied within their own areas. Any queries in the application or interpretation of this policy should be discussed with a director of Learn Amp, prior to any action being taken.

The directors have the responsibility to ensure maintenance, review and updating of this policy. Revisions, amendments and alterations of this policy will only be implemented following consideration and approval by the CEO.

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