Launching a new system can be a nerve-racking time, but our expert coaches will be with you every step of the way!

No matter your schedule, we've got you covered. Our implementation plans start at 8 weeks and can be adjusted to fit your needs. 


What you'll get...

What you'll get...

78 %

average adoption rate
(in first 3 months)

96 %

Implementation score
(based on 9 areas of satisfaction)

90 /100


Your 8 week* Launch Plan πŸš€

(*remember we also offer bespoke plans!) 

Readiness: Week 1-2 βœ…


Foundations put in place for a successful launch


  • Introduction to your dedicated Implementation Coach πŸ‘‹
  • Defining key stakeholders to involve in the project
  • Initial set-up of your Learn Amp account - get access straight away!
  • Introduction to Learn Amp's support systems including project management tools, and support ticketing system.


Implementation T&T 2 1

Scope and Learn: Week 3-4 πŸ€“


Defined goals and objectives to build your perfect platform


  • Kick-off meeting for all of your key stakeholders, led by our coaches
  • Goal mapping and definition of launch objectives 🎯
  • Ensuring all technical pre-requisites are understood and put in place (eg. for integrations)
  • Platform training & design sessions with your implementation coach πŸ€“

Build and Test: Week 5-6  πŸ› οΈ


A fully customised and tested platform, ready to launch


  • Platform customisation and branding 🎨
  • Setting up integrations
  • Building and assigning content, setting up user roles, tasks, surveys, assessments, and reporting
  • Facilitating user acceptance testing with your colleagues
  • Responding to feedback and refining your platform set up
  • Planning a communication strategy to shout about your launch πŸ“£


Build and test
Launch and review-1

Launch and Review: Week 7-8 πŸš€


Reflect on the launch and look to the future!


  • Official launch of the platform πŸŽ‰
  • Tracking post-launch metrics to assess initial performance.
  • Retro call to review the launch and introduce you to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Worried about moving to a new Learning system?

Get in touch and we'll tell you all about our 'Excellent' CSAT rated team!

FAQs πŸ€”

Can I import historical completion records from my old provider?

Yes, you can! Importing historical completion records ensures your learners' past achievements and progress seamlessly transition to Learn Amp. You can also bulk import existing courses and your users' details.

Your implementation coach will guide you through the entire process. They'll train you on using our import tools and provide hands-on support in data mapping. This ensures all your historical records integrate smoothly with Learn Amp, allowing for easy reporting in the future.

How can I add learners to Learn Amp?

The easiest way to add your learners to Learn Amp is with an HRIS integration. Learn Amp integrates with many providers and is always adding new ones to the list (so let us know if you don't see your system listed as it might be in the works!)

You can also create a CSV file containing the details of all users to use with our Bulk Upload tool that you can access directly from your Learn Amp account.

How does Learn Amp keep the project on track?

We use a collaborative project management tools to ensure alignment between you, Learn Amp and your key stakeholders. The software we use allows us to define dependencies and actions, for both you and Learn Amp, with clear owners and deadlines. We will also schedule regular meetings to review the project plan and ensure we all stay on track.

What happens if our plans change?

No problem at all! Our 8 week plan works very well for the majority of our customers, but we also offer longer or bespoke plans that provide additional time and resources for a more customised implementation. Our Implementation Coaches will work with you to determine which plan will work best for you.

Any significant changes in scope, or swapping to a longer plan may incur a cost. But during the initial project planning and kickoff, realistic timelines are set based on your organisation's requirements and resource availability. Flexibility is also built into the project plan to accommodate minor adjustments as needed.

Can we really launch in just 8 weeks?

Yes, it really is that simple!

We put a lot of focus on creating deployment strategies for each business that meet you where you are today, and plan for where you want to be in the future.

In practice, this might mean that you launch with a smaller set of features - let's say just learning content - then when you move to our Customer Success team post launch, we will map out your plans for the future - maybe building some learning communities or setting up some 1-to-1 cycles. Our team is an extension of your team; keeping you on track to reach your goals.



We understand bringing in a new platform can feel overwhelming and it's important your investment is a success! Our job in implementation is to ensure you have a product your business will love and get value from. We will coach your admins to feel super confident using our solutions and make sure you are armed with all the knowledge needed to deliver against your goals. We've got years of experience supporting all kinds of global organisations, whilst recognising every customer is unique. Together we'll get you off to a flying start!


Mollie, Lead Implementation Coach

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