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Our ability to react is greatly improved with Learn Amp. While going through multiple covid-related lockdowns, we've been able to adjust our strategy, quickly adding capacity and adding new events for people at home. Chris Dwyer, Learning Systems Manager

White papers

Decentralised L&D: The secret to empowered and engaged employees

We explore why the centralised model has been in favour for so long and what issues it presents. Now is the perfect time to move towards a more decentralised approach - particularly if you’re shifting to a more flexible and remote workforce.

Onboarding and Induction: How to win employee loyalty from day 1

We take a look at the differences between induction, onboarding and probation. We consider how onboarding benefits both new joiners and their employers, and how a comprehensive onboarding program can boost the lifetime value of each employee.

Moving to a hybrid workplace: A practical guide to avoiding common pitfalls

We break down how to transition to hybrid work while avoiding the potential pitfalls. We examine the pros and cons of different working structures and explain why we think the hybrid model is the best option for most businesses.


“Businesses have understood the importance of customer lifetime value for some time. It is only recently that businesses have connected that to delivering the ideal employee journey. Learn Amp uniquely understands that and has hardwired it into their platform”
Martin Hill-Wilson
“We hear a lot about how customers want to design a learning Ecosystem around their learners. We provide a robust set of tools for creating Learning Materials, for us Learn amp really compliments that, they are the other part of the equation that our customers are really searching for”
Charles Gerli
"We are a Cyber Security company so every single vendor that we have, has a very rigorous onboarding program through our legal department, which requires many steps to achieve this level of compliance"
Avigdor Book